October 11 – SOCKTOBER

Sockoctober kicked off at SSNH and Little 5 Points on October 1. CWU Members brought donations of socks and towels to the monthly meeting. See note of thanks below from Tapestry Church



Thank you so very much for all this goodness! What a wonderful surprise! After being surrounded by so much sickness, we spent hours at    laundry mat doing shower trailer towels & our own. Then today & yesterday delivering hot food, wellness drinks, etc. to our friends in the streets (both sick & healthy.) On top of dropping off Wed night supper for  Briarcliff Baptist members, one of Pastor George’s side jobs. To come back & find towels, washcloths, socks! All are treasured items in our homeless ministry. Also for our single Mamas .

It seems our world stopped with so many sick people in last couple months. We’re finally able to take a breath & continue on. We are in awe of such a Mighty God who constantly provides & opens doors and hearts for this ministry! Wishing you all many blessings,


Tapestry Church Atl – Kimmi & Pastor George