Prevent Gun Violence Campaign!

A Message from the National CWU President, Mira J. Washington: Prevent Gun Violence Campaign – Contact Your Elected Officials Today!
Mira J. Washington, National CWU President, is urging all CWU leaders and members to support the “Prevent Gun Violence” campaign by contacting their elected officials (local, state, and federal levels) and expressing their concerns about gun violence in our communities. In a recent email to CWU leaders, President Washington stated that “now is the time to not only pray but [to] do something” about gun violence.
Guidelines on “How to Contact Your Elected Officials” and a “Sample Letter from [the] Michigan Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence” are available for download and review (see below).
Compose your letter(s) and send them by 10.31.22 to the CWU National Office: Church Women United, Inc., 3605 Campbellton Rd., SW, Atlanta, GA 30331. CWU will forward all letters for the “Prevent Gun Violence” campaign on to elected officials after 10.31.22.